Who the Heck Am I?

Hi, I’m Kristin. Some people call me Kristin, some Krusty, and the guy that announced my name at graduation called me Kristine.

I used to think I was a cat in 5th grade and kept a highly detailed diary from 7th grade through my freshman year of high school. A few years ago, I figured I’d rather keep a public blog where I write about my crushes. It’s much more private this way.

You may now find me standing in a soup kitchen line (received a BA in English), boogie boarding, or trying to pet every single dog I see while walking down the road. I like dogs even more than I like tweeting slam poetry at Taco Bell.

In August 2016, I quit my job in Wisconsin and decided to move out to the East Coast. I currently fill my time by traveling, writing, painting, taking photos, and professing my love for the Naked Chicken Chalupa.

I’ve been blogging since 2014. My posts range from short stories to comedy (typically my failed attempts at dating) and everything in between. I’m a huge advocate for Mental Health Awareness and am open with my past and current experiences. My goal is to help those who suffer so they do not feel alienated or ashamed by their diagnoses.

This is the most quintessential

Quintessential Me.

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